What Dreams May Come! by Mandakini Kwatra

We all love to dream, day and night. Is it because we don’t accept the facts? Are we trying to escape from the reality? Let’s find out.

We can, and do, have multiple dreams. But at least one, out of these thousands of dreams, dominates the others, and our life begins to revolve around it.

We become so passionate to achieve the goal that in this madness, we lose the enjoyment of the journey towards it. And that, what we always enjoyed dreaming of, turns into an ugly reality. The dream is lost!

One classic example would be related to career and education. Ask a small child of what they want to be and see the spark in their eyes when they say that they want to become a pilot, doctor, teacher etc. Where is the spark when they have achieved their dream, or even when not? Why does that dream become so much more important than their life and their joy?

It is not uncommon to find students sacrificing their lives just because they couldn’t get the desired grades especially when they fail in a subject or a term.

Why can they not see an opportunity to try again or to try something different? Why not choose another dream when you can have so many?

At this, we come to another important question. What dreams may come? What dream to choose?

Positive dreams, that either take you directly towards bliss, love, creativity or can support you to attain these.

But do remember that your bliss and happiness is not be sacrificed. This dream may fail again. One can never predict what is going to happen next. So put your sincerest efforts and accept the outcome, whatever it may be. And trust me, when I say this, when you pursue your dream with this outlook, you will never be regretful. So, dream and pursue positive dreams with a pre-acceptance of the result.

Of course, it is another matter that what we refer to as reality, here, is actually a dream 😛

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