Tigergarh – A Food Review

The best part of staying at the Tigergarh Resort in Bandhavgarh is, of course, the food. The dining area is very tastefully done. It has a large hall and a very spacious sitting area with pictures of tigers and birds on the wall. At one corner is a mini library of books on wildlife and some stories on jungles and animals. The dining area has bamboo roofs and solid wood furniture with benches and cushions for people to sit. The dining hall faces the pool and the garden outside. There is a pleasant breeze that flows into the hall from the forest. Food is cooked home style. It is fresh and rich in taste but low on masala and oil. Most of the vegetables and dals come from the local market and the other food items are bought from the shops nearby. I enjoyed the chicken, specially the do pyaza chicken and for lunch, I had butter chicken. Made from the best ingredients, the food was rich in texture as well as protein. One day, I had a bowl full of yellow dal and the other day, I had Rajma.

Oh, yes, and offers. There is the vegetable soup Gagan likes to offer to his guests as starters. This soup will get your taste buds going and will wet your appetite.

The cook loved to make vegetables. I feasted on gobi aloo, bhindi tamatar, aloo fry and even mixed chaat. We were served Baingan Bharta and I enjoyed these with thin hot chapatis cooked on the tava. The kitchen was manned by a team of three and was always well stocked. Well, if you thought that the meals were scrumptious, the desserts were even more exotic, from coconut laddoo with cream to shahi toast with milk cream. This was much required to clean the palate. Gagan made sure that tea and sandwiches went around. Morning and evening tea breaks with cream biscuits was a daily ritual. We would munch at these, as I would be taking a dip in the pool.

On the day of the safari, we were given a special breakfast of cucumber sandwiches and aloo paratha with hot tea served from the flasks along with Netra packed orange juice. So, throw caution to the winds in this tiger resort. Food is of the highest quality and, rest assured, you will be fed around the clock with wholesome fresh food, all Indian style.

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