The Pillars of Online Affiliate Marketing


When you start generating content for a platform, in my case, a blog and a YouTube channel, you need to be very clear and passionate about the niche that you will be talking about in your blog. I chose travel and am trying to build myself as an influencer in this niche. Even while promoting a brand and product, we must look at specific niches. For instance, relationships, money and health are the top niches to promote through the AM (Affiliate Marketing) route.


Your platform is like an invitation hall where you put your content like blog posts, photos, videos, books or ebooks. This content on a specific note creates stickiness and people will begin to read them more often. I am regular with my content postings to garner more trust from my readers. Until I am really able to help them with my advice, I become an influencer in that niche or domain. I am an export who has the trust of the reader. This, I have established over time. Now, I can take the reader to the next step. This leads to direct lead generation.


These are people who are moved to act on my blog. They identify with me and what I am saying. These are my leads and I can then direct them to generate an email list which will be used for direct marketing. The leads are given an offer. For instance, subscribe to my newsletter and get my free Survival ebook. Now, I have their name, occupation, age and email id. This is solid data when loaded on a broadcast list. I can now communicate with tens of thousands of people just at a touch of a button. I can send offers, affiliate marketing promotional posts or divert them to brand web pages. Initiate brand contest or just give away prizes.


The leads should be further warmed up and taken to an offer page, a specific proposition where they are asked to buy a product and service after analysing all the salient features along with the price. This will always contain a ‘Call to Act’ button which will be the final sale of the brand or product, thus, completing the sales cycle.


This is the actual delivery of the product and collection of the money and is always taken over by sites like Amazon or TripAdvisor, whichever you have associated with.

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