The Infinite Sky

Sometimes brittle, sometimes soft, I languish in the self-made images of my own ego. My thoughts get trapped in my own mind, these never-ending chants of my internal blabber, and then I stop to take a pause to the real thing that just beats within. Yes, only by breaking the shell of my human identity can I get access to what is pure and untouched – my soul, my very being. This is the realm of the infinite sky. The Zam Zam of all knowledge and one that resides in the belly of the universe. This is a boundless and a limitless song, dance and creativity. The yogis call it the atom or the ‘I’ or just the ‘self’. A nest built deep within that never crumbles, was never born and will never die. Ah! The zone of the infinite sky.

When you tap into this realm and tune into this frequency of consciousness, life that you see just becomes a play of forms. You move from one identity to the other with relative ease. The ‘go’ has collapsed and you are in a perpetual state of ‘let go’. That’s when life becomes play, a leela, a dance and an expression of you and your true nature. This is when you are in harmony with your soul and in touch with your inner core, the content in your inner nest. Let the toughest disappear and the mind be numb and vacant, a state of ‘no mind’ and ‘no thought’ appears. This is silence and bliss and only in this gap of silence will you be able to get a glimpse of the soul. It comes to you in the form of laughter, fun, joy and humour. It is fresh and revitalising, a positive energy of contemplation and creation.

So come, take deep breaths and jump into the infinite sky!

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