The Double-Edged Sword of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is a creative experience and can be great if you can sell your books and even make some money on the side. If you are a blogger and you are blessed with some sort of readership, your blog is the perfect place to sell and promote your book. Self-publishing has much to offer in certain aspects of publishing.

No Rejections

Like in traditional publishing, it can take months and even years to get your manuscript approved by the publisher. On top of that, you might even get rejected. The road to traditional publishing is a long road and full of rejections and disappointments. You bypass this loop completely when you self-publish. All you need is a tastefully written manuscript and you can publish within days and, at times, even within minutes. That’s the speed of self-publishing.

Higher Commissions

Self-published authors get higher commissions and some sites even offer up to 70% commission on selling price. Here, the author has a better chance to make money from royalties and hope for a quicker breakeven point.

Full Creative Control

Throughout the publishing process, you can get your work done by publishing consultants who guide you on layout type settings and copy editing. It is you who has all the control on the look, style and content structure of your book. Rest of the team is just working to make your creative writing mission a reality. You are the boss and the one in the boxing seat. Here also, the author has full control over the copyright of the content. The author owns the content and can sell the rights or profit for them. He can also turn the book into other formats like audio, video or animation. Again, as a self-publishing author, you have control over your content.

Publish in No Time

There is no lag or delay to publish. You can publish instantly especially the digital formats of the book.

It’s a Journey of Self-Discovery

When you are involved in so many processes at the same time, it becomes very challenging. One can be doing the creatives, writing, selecting a cover design or making corrections to a quote in the book simultaneously. You need to get your marketing strategy in place on how to sell your book. Will have an alternative channel? If yes, what will be the pricing? All this can make your head spin especially when you realise that you have already sunk $4000 on the self-publishing package and another $10,000 in promoting and advertising it on the net. All in all, it is a great creative journey to take. I mean there is no one stopping you.

On the Downside

No awards

Your book will not be considered for literary awards or be taken seriously by book agents and literary reviewers.

Risk of Capital

If you do not sell enough books, you could lose serious money.

Self-Published Books Pushed on Digital Platform

Most self-published books are heavy sold on digital platforms as e-books and this has become a much-cluttered space. Amazon itself has over 2 million titles with Kindle creative space and other set publishing platforms. The digital space is losing its margins due to clutter.

Still an Amateur Tag

Indie authors or self-published authors are considered amateurs and not respected as much in the literary circuit

Build Credibility

One has to build credibility in the marketplace and one way is paid reviews for your book which is a service most self-publishers offer.

So go out there, set your publishing goals and try and meet them. Whichever route you take, you will be wiser, smarter, and more knowledgeable than when you started. It’s a great way to announce your creative vision as a book, solely your voice to the world, your very own unique voice.

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