The Bloggers of Antarctica

I thought I was the only celebrity blogger of the group as we headed for our grand cruise to Antarctica, but I was wrong. On board was another celebrity blogger by the name of Harsh Aggarwal who runs a hugely successful blog called with over a million followers. He started his blogging journey around 10 years back. I was happy to chat with him on his blogging journey. The main point of our chat was how to make money as a blogger. Harsh leads the way in this and has made tons of money although his journey has been long.

On board were a lovely couple from New Zealand who were carrying out the task of making a film on the cruise with their specialty cameras and other hi tech equipment. My GoPro camera was no match for them. I did manage to get myself photographed and filmed adequately though not before taking some shots of the ice caves and seals that showcased this great continent. I meandered through the icy shores of this great content enjoying the breeze and the snow walks in the evening. This was turning out to be a blogger’s paradise as I kept taking shots with my camera. I took over 2500 pictures and some of the best are here for you to see and enjoy.

Click HERE to see more photos of my Antarctic cruise.

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