The first capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh, this hill paradise was named as the summer capital by the British as they liked and enjoyed the cooler climate of this Himalayan hill city. Shimla is, thus, an old colonial heritage town. Neo-gothic churches like the Christ Church or just old Vedic temples can be predominantly seen in the city. Shimla has also got the largest natural ice skating ring in south-east Asia. It has one central road called Mall Road that is the hub and heart of the city. Most of the tourist hotels and lodges are centres around this road and one can see a flood of tourist from the plains of India who reach Shimla every year to escape the summer heat. Himachal is a beautiful valley state surrounded by the Dhauladhar range on one side. It is a land of breathtaking beauty. Places like Chel, Kufri and Solan are all nearby places that one can also explore when one is in Shimla.

The summer heat was getting to me and I was all booked for a two-week travel vacation to Shimla through Chandigarh. I am putting up at the Taj Chandigarh for three days although I am told that it’s 45 degrees in the city. Nonetheless, I will do some city hopping and then head to the Buljee Hotel and retreat in Shimla near the mall road. I will try and cover Kufri, Chel and Solan also on this trip.

So watch out for the next adventure to the summer capital Shimla.

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