Scuba Duba Doo

As you know, I have been scuba diving for some time. First, in Maldives where I did my PADI certification and open water course. I made a lovely underwater video of mine with the help of my GoPro Hero 5 and it came out wonderfully well. Scuba diving was easy for me as I am a very good swimmer. So I did not get any starting jitters. The first thing I did after getting my PADI certification was to buy a SOPRAS Sub Advanced Open Water Package XS-S SPELEO 1500 BCD Regulator OCTO Console Gauge Travel Gear Bag Scuba Diving Bundle KIT. This is the perfect diver’s kit and, man, it gives me confidence under water. I feel invincible with it under the sea. It has a size XS combo 2 gauge and is priced at Rs 1,57,999 at Amazon.

Click HERE or the link below to see this amazing all-purpose diving kit on Amazon.

Along with the kit, you get a free carry bag for the entire kit. I would recommend this kit if you are moving into being a serious diver or maybe taking it up professionally.


However, for youngsters, kids and beginners, the perfect equipment to get a taste of the world under the sea is to use a Snorkeling Kit SEAC Tris Sprint AD 3-Piece Set (Mask, Fins and Snorkel). Priced at Rs 5,400, it is ideal for snorkelling in shallow waters, for swimming and for other water sports.

Click HERE or the link below to buy this amazing kit from Amazon.

I have since continued to dive in Mauritius at the Turtox Beach and at the Andaman Islands. Enjoy my underwater scuba diving video in the Maldives.

Happy Diving Scuba Duba Doooo…

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