Rockathon at IMT Ghaziabad

Dear Friends

With your blessings, Tikku’s Travelthon has ventured into the sprawling campus of IMT Ghaziabad. It was a journey I was taking after 20 years. I never thought that my movement would begin from the very sprawling campus that once nurtured me. I engaged with a class of around 100 students. Well, that is only a 14th of the batch as batch sizes have swelled to over 400 this year and IMT ranks proudly as one of the top seven institutes in India. A one-hour talk from me is all that took to transport me back into time as I remembered my times at the institute. More and higher buildings have come up and the campus looks busier than it used to but there are flavours of the old wine as I ventured into the amphitheatre.

Some things never change. They stand the test of time and the amphitheatre was such a place. Some of the old blocks at the back of the campus looked familiar though. There was a notice board claiming that ragging was prohibited and not allowed. I ventured back to my old days here when we had to say boy in the lobby or girl In the lobby before we entered the girls’ hostel but no one gave a f***. Within a few months, many couples moved in with each other and live-ins were the norm. Ragging was done but with a lot of fun. I can still remember the b*** grabbing fights I had with my seniors here two decades back. However, there were never signs prohibiting ragging.

The lecture hall was cosy and I enjoyed the talk and was happy that the students listened intently and participated with an inquisitive mind. I would prefer better tech infrastructure and more use of Apple machines as I use Apple equipment all the time and the institute did not use my brand. The student who was doing the filming was having a great time jumping from one end of the room to the other filming the whole lecture. Thanks to all the members of the placement com, especially Sonakshi.

Hope to give another lecture soon to you guys on the art of blogging. My next book “Blogging for Gold: A to Z of Blogging” will teach you for just Rs 99. Those who love the internet, social media and the blogging space will benefit immensely from this book.

Do not forget the offer of the Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. We will make this trip at the end of the training session. Until then, I suggest those who attended the lecture to start reading the book and research on the subject.

Thank you and happy blogging!

Anuj Tikku

Chief Travel Officer

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