Pole Star Trek: The Star Travel Bag

POLE STAR TREK 44 Lt Blue Grey Rucksack I Hiking Backpack

Now, this is one serious rucksack and multipurpose hiking backpack made from superior quality water resistant polyester that provides strength and durability to the bag. It comes in blue and grey colours with a one-year full warranty. With 44 litres of space, it can carry a lot and adjusts well when carried on the back with adjustable broad straps. For a trekking enthusiast, it’s a treat and if you are headed for a river rafting expedition, it will be your best friend. Why not take it for a forest camping expedition? It will be a constant companion to all the hobos out there and you will begin to swear by its strength and durability, not to mention, its shape and fitness when completely loaded with stuff.

You can get it in the military look or the black and green rucksack look, choose your pick. At the price of Rs 799 for each bag, it’s a steal. For me, the Pole Star Trek 44 is the star travel bag that frequent travellers and adventurers must have.

Click HERE or the link below to get your hands on this must-have travel accessory. Happy Shopping!


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