New Travel Blogging Fads and Trends For 2019

Videos and Vlogging

Videos are the next big thing and the best way to get your content out there. Yes, you may have started a YouTube and a Vimeo channel. However, have you looked at Facebook Stories or the new Instagram sensation IGTV where you can watch videos horizontally? Now more than ever, you can edit and improve the punch of your videos by using Clips editing app that transport you to another part of the world by changing scenes and backgrounds. You can use slow motion and 3D effects and can now cut to short 1-minute videos for the added edge. All these can be done through the flick of the thumbs by using easy to use apps and software preloaded on your phone. Videos are a great way to tell stories and now you can add text, pictures and subtitles so that you get a clear message across which will stick in peoples’ mind. They are going to be the real clutter buster. The better the production and edit quality, the better the response rate. Make sure you brand all your videos, text posts and pictures and have all the copyrights.

Emojis and GIFs

A lot more people will use emojis, symbols, shapes and GIF files to get their message across or share their feelings with friends and family. It is all visually attractive with 3D GIF cartoons further brightening up the social media pages.

Longer Posts

The average post size has increased to 1200 words and posts of that length come up fastest on Google searches. More the pictures and images, better the post. However, do not forget, you have to do a lot of research and reading before you draft the post. Be informative and helpful at the same time. Your post must educate someone, give him knowledge and add value to his or her lives. This is the only way to increase your post share. Create attention-grabbing headlines and then inform and educate your reader.

Last Hour Bookings Rise

There has been a surge and increase in travel bookings for hotels, flights and transportation etc. People are taking their time and booking just a few days before they start their travel. The rise in bookings through the mobile phone has also grown rapidly. Bookings are being done through the net by using handheld devices. Word of mouth, customer reviews and positive blogger and influencer reviews are what influences people the most when they are booking their travel plans. They decide on the basis of these facts being positive.


AI ChatBots are being used by many customer service organisations and travel service companies. Apple has Siri, which is an AI personal assistant. You can speak to it and it will follow your command. It recognises human speech patterns, interprets it through a precognitive algorithm and then searches out the answer thus completing the task. It can get stuck from time to time and that is when a human operator intervenes and answers the customer query. The AI has learning capabilities and gradually, the chatbots improve by understanding language nuances and other speech patterns. They are very effective in saving time and manpower and equally efficient especially as a first contact point for the customer.

Regional Language Content

Regional content specific to a state and a language is a big hit and has grown even more rapidly than English content. Content and entertainment streamed in regional languages with local stars have managed to get huge eyeballs.

Authenticity, Passion and Problem Solving

Content that does the above three will capture hearts and minds. You have to be genuine and true about what you say and write on your blogs. Your images, videos and words convey that excitement and passion and motivate others. Lastly, it should help someone or solve their problem, bring them back to a better mind space and uplift their lives.

Rise of Social Media Evangelists

These will increase in number and tribe as they become more vocal and begin to really impact consumer behaviour as well as act as motivators for others on how to follow. These influencers and internet evangelists will propagate the power of the internet to others and will be very much sought after by marketers and brand managers as their power to influence will increase.

Internet to Take Over TV

Central Asia

Regions like central Asia are becoming popular due to peak getaways especially the low peak travel months when it is cold and winter sets in. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkistan – all are hot new destinations that travellers prefer to go to.

Curated Travel Experiences

These are specially tailored personalised travel trips where you are immersed in the place that you visit. With nature and jungle walks, tribal and local night outs, bonfires, food from celebrity chefs and wine from Australia – these are some of the examples. Leave your life behind and immerse. Become one with your travel destination.

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