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I have been doing photography through DSLR cameras for some time but I really started to get a hang of photography when I graduated to taking a professional camera. I bought the best, a Canon Mark 5 with 70 mm by 200 mm zoom lens to get me that much closer to my object and to catch every hair and feather. It came along with a tripod. The only thing I thought was missing was a lens that could get me a clean shot. So, I decided to buy the Canon Camera Lens EF S 18 135mm f 3.5 to 5.6 IS (Black) from Amazon. At Rs 36,490, it was the best price available. I had tried a few local Canon stores in Delhi and in my Nan’s place Dehradun but the stores did not stock this particular size and model or their pricing was way off. It comes with the dynamic IS feature that gives shake-free photos and videos. You guys must have seen that the quality of my pictures has gone up and looks more focused and sharp. It’s all because of this lens that I bought from Amazon. It has fast speed AF and comes with Nano SUM technology.

Click HERE or the link below to buy this lens and get some fab pictures from your Canon Mark 5.

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