Life is a Gift by Mandakini Kwatra

How often have we come across people complaining about their daily struggles in life? Almost every day! And if you further scrutinise the content of such complaints, you will find them so petty and meaningless, and all of which is created by the individual itself. This ‘life’ is a gift to us bestowed by the existence. What we have made it into is a result of our choices.

And look at the irony – when we achieve something in life, we owe it to ourselves, but when we fail, we curse life. This certainly isn’t the way to thank the existence for once in a lifetime gift.

Life is a beautiful gift and you have earned it. You only get what you deserve and this life is the existence’s way of thanking you for doing justice with your previous life. So be grateful for each day that brings an opportunity to live your life blissfully surrounded with all the beautiful things that this world has to offer. Be grateful for the struggles too; with every challenge comes an opportunity to transform for the better. Credit the existence for your achievements and learn from your failures and move on. When you start thanking the existence, you will come across lesser things to moan about. And when you start valuing your life, you will also start valuing other lives too that surround you, for theirs is a gift too!

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