K2K: A JOURNEY FROM SKY TO OCEAN by Captain Suraj Singh Thakur of Indian Army – Part 6

  1. 6th Day Ride: (Bilaspur – Swarghat – Kiratpur – Rupnagar – Chandigarh – Ambala – Delhi)

 (a) Route Taken: The ride starts with my pleasant stay at Bilaspur on 12th Oct 2016 nearby lake resort. Its road moves around like a rollercoaster ride from Swarghat till Kiratpur. Then ride moves via NH 21 Chandigarh, Ambala and Delhi.

 (i) Distance: 430 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: J W Marriyatt

  1. 7th Day Ride: (Delhi – Alwar – Jaipur – Vijaynagr – Chittorgarh).

 (a) Route Taken: My ride starts after a day resting at Delhi with my loved ones and partying with Delhi HOGs again. I started on 14th Oct 2016, it’s time for my bike to go for a thorough check-up because after such a long run on the mountains, bikes need to be rectified. The route chart has been made by Delhi Chapter Manager Tushar which goes via NH 12 beautiful 4 lane highway till Indore.

 (b) Chittorgarh: Chittorgarh fort is one of the tourist attractions, the town itself is grotty, but the fort is well worth the detour – it could be squeezed in as a day trip to Chittor from Udaipur, or as a stop between Bundi and Udaipur.

 (i) Distance: 580 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: Hotel Pratap Palace

  1. 8th Day Ride: (Chittorgarh – Mandsaur – Ratlam – Ujjain – Indore)

 (a) Route Taken: Ride begins with a beautiful sunrise of Chittorgarh fort on 15th Oct 2016, and it moves via NH 12 to Mandsour, Ratlam, Ujjain and Indore. This particular highway is just far apart till Indore, so just roll on.

 (b) Indore: Indore is a good start for visiting Mandu, or to make your move towards Rajasthan, Eastern Madhya Pradesh or towards Maharastra. This place is just a rerouting point for your journey to explore towards south India. Tiger Chapter Indore HOGs are just fabulous – the way I have been facilitated for my K2K ride by local HOGs and being assisted by them for my further ride ahead. At last but not the least, I wanna say “THANK YOU” guys. I took a halt for 3 Days – 15, 16 and 17 because it’s party time, believe me, tiger chapter guys are crazy riders. I felt like home because the amount of love & affection they have it for me, it’s just far apart. That’s why I always love to visit Indore Harley Davidson Showroom, right now, it’s my parent chapter.

 (i) Distance: 430 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: Hotel Sayaji (Indore)

  1. 9th Day Ride: (Indore – Maheshwar – Malegaon – Nasik – Igatpuri – Old Mumbai Pune Highway)

 (a) Route Taken: Ride began on 18th Oct 2016, and it moved via NH3 and NH4 towards Pune via Old Mumbai Pune Highway. The ride began after resting for 3 days at Indore, the highways are beautiful but you will memorise the dangerous ghat section of Igatpuri.

 (b) Pune: While moving from Indore, I have come across some of the beautiful highways of India or so called Indian Central Corridor which will straight way lead you to Kanyakumari. Also during this particular trip, I have come across India’s Oldest Wineyard nearby Nasik. Must taste some of the best wine of India or I would say in the world. Also when I reached Pune, I was received by the local HOGs and the accommodation was catered by them. The beautiful guest house courtesy goes to Arvind Sir, thank you so much sir for taking care of me after such a long ride. Next day, I took a day halt and visited Two River Chapter and Showroom where I was able to meet Director Pune Chapter Sunita. I was so glad by her riding experience and wanna thank her for her guidance for my further ride ahead. KUDOS Two River Chapter. I Started riding back on 20th Oct 2016 for Belgum (KA).

 (i) Distance: 591 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: MILIT Guest Room (Pune)

  1. 10th Day Ride: (Pune – NH 4 – Satara – Kolhapur – Belgum)

 (a) Route Taken: Ride began on 20th Oct 2016, from Pune and it moved via NH4 till Bangalore. Pune, Kolhapur Highway will just mesmerise you with beautifully maintained highway. Though it was my continuous 13th day ride from North India to South India, your body will tend to give up at places but it was my willpower which was pushing me to move ahead and finish my ride with flying colours and I did it subsequently, I took a day halt at Belgum (KA) and I started my ride again on 21st Oct 2016 for Bangalore.

 (b) Belgum: Belgum is the border between Maharastra and Karnataka, a midpoint for Bengaluru and a best place for night halt.

 (i) Distance: 342 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: Hotel Green Leaf

  1. 11th Day Ride: (Belgum – Hubli – Devnagree – Tumkur – Bangalore)

 (a) Route Taken: The ride began on 21st Oct 2016, from Belgum and it moved via NH4 till Bangalore. This straight highway will lead you to Bangalore. So fuel up, wear your gear and ride on till Bangalore.

 (b) Bangalore: The Surging Capital of Bangalore is regarded as one of the country’s most progressive cities. It’s streak contrast with the rest of the state is most evident in Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG) or so called MG road that is famous for its fast food joints, yuppie bars, sophisticated lounges and high end malls with the ever changing flavours of the day. Things that are taboos are elsewhere – men and women holding hands, sleeveless shirts etc. are very often seen here. Also, I took a halt for a day at Bangalore and visited my cousins and loved ones. I wanna thank Amardeep Sir and Ma’am for such a lovely lunch and also want to thank Tuskers Chapter and Chapter Manager for my further route chart for Kanyakumari. Also, I wanna thank my cousin brother Thakur Amit Singh and Bhabhi Sa for the wonderful hospitality.

 (i) Distance: 506 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: Hotel Hyatt Regency

  1. 12th Day Ride: (Bangalore – Salem – Madurai – Tirunelveli – Kanyakumari)

 (a) Route Taken: Ride began on 23rd Oct 2016 at morning 0600 Hrs from Bangalore to Kanyakumari via NH7, the highway is just a dream come true till Cape Comorin or so called Kanyakumari. I managed to reach KANYAKUMARI by 1830 Hrs evening sunset time.

 (b) Kanyakumari: Kanyakumari is the ‘Land’s End’ of the Indian subcontinent, where the Bay of Bengal meets the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Chaitpurnima is the best time to experience sunset and moonrise over the ocean simultaneously. Even during normal times, morning sunrise will just memorise you. I witnessed the spectacular sunrise as I reached Kanyakumari. I completed my journey from Sky to Ocean, My K2K Ride. During my journey, I have crossed almost 11 states and completed this journey in 17 Days. Yes, my K2k Ride has been completed but my journey hasn’t finished yet. Now, I have to strive hard to reach my home town Raipur.

 (i) Distance: 782 Km Approximately

 (ii) Place to Stay: Hotel Sea View

To Be Continued…

NOTE: This article continues the journey of Captain Suraj Singh Thakur of Indian Army. To read all the articles of K2K, click HERE.

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