Influencing the Influencer

Social Media Influencer Platforms are a rage these days as it gives bloggers like myself who blog on various niche topics a platform to showcase my talents, work and internet influence to prospective brands. Depending on my followership and reach, brands can identify me and my blog to do mass influencer lead campaigns to promote their brand and increase brand resonance with their target group. They are basically B2B platforms for bloggers to earn an extra buck by using their traffic as a magnet to promote a brand that finally ends up paying for the social media influencer lead campaign. It’s for large global brands and also for brands that use only internet to promote their products or services.

You get paid according to the likes or followership across social media handles like Facebook and YouTube. There is a simple registration process and then you can integrate your blog URL and social media handles on the platform. A lot of influencer platforms check your traffic through Google analytics to actually find out the traffic per day and verify accurately about the size of your followership. They check for authenticity and your credentials which you can talk about in the ‘about me’ column, mention your degrees, work experience, age, interested topics and subjects. Being an author does help and gives you an aura of authenticity. After all, this depends on what the brand campaign is all about. You will be engaged and, at times, you just have to make simple posts with photos. You could be asked to make videos or video blogs for brands. All in all, the traffic your blog gets and your followership decides how much or little you get paid per campaign. For a blogger, just the experience of work for global internet brands itself is a learning and if you are getting paid or in some cases, a barter deal, why no got for it? I think one should definitely register with these platforms, at least, a few of them and try to spice up work or engagements this way. The registration is free so you have nothing to lose.

Some of the big social media platforms in India are IndiBlogger, Blogmint, Fromote, BlogAdda, TeraReach and a few more. Once you have completed your profile with all the details including billing address and bank details, all you have to do is wait for them to contact you when a job comes. Your blog stats go a long way and the accuracy of your details in you getting work. So go ahead bloggers, try out influencer platforms to grow your business and get involved in marketing campaigns.

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