I Blog, Therefore I Am!

My blogging journey is over two and a half years old. I am surprised that I have reached this far. I have a low attention span and a lower interest threshold. I get bored with things easily and I have often been criticised by people for not being focused, not carrying things and projects through and losing focus and momentum at a critical juncture. Well, I have proven my critics wrong and I am actually proud that I have persisted with blogging for such a long period. Mind you, I have been posting a blog post a day since I first started. I did a few things right. I defined my blog niche as travel and developed my passion for travelling, adventure and storytelling. I wrote my travel stories and then started writing about food. Now, I even have a section that teaches other bloggers the tricks of the trade through Blogging for Gold. I have tried to stick to my niche but it has not been that way all the time. I have written on Bollywood films, a section that I have deleted now, as I was unable to develop it.

Getting my niche right was a good start. I have travelled to over 34 countries around the world including many parts of India. It has been a passion and my love for blogging, internet and social media that has kept me going. If you start a blog and want to make money instantly, forget it, it will not happen. Yes, love for blogging and passion for writing coupled with the hunger for knowledge and the drive to help others by sharing it in a simple form is what actually kept me going. I got motivation from every comment and like that I got for my posts. In the first year, that alone was my motivation as I just had a few hundred readers initially and it was getting difficult to churn out posts day in and day out without seeing much result.

Many new bloggers overwhelm themselves with so many different ideas that they end up writing about everything under the sun and miss out on their niche. Remember, the narrower your niche, the more targeted your audience and your advertising effort will be. This will lead to more monetisation and a better money-spinning potential of your blog. But screw the money. Work on the passion, the skills and the motivation aspect and the rest will follow.

Chalk out your blog post schedule and topics in advance and streamline your content just like TV or Radio. You can have different posts at different time slots that cover complimentary niches. But start with the basics and build your knowledge. Only then, you need to move harder into more advanced topics. Focus on writing for yourself first and then start writing for the audience. This might sound strange but it is true. A blog is your identity and your personal space. It reflects your views, quirks and tastes. Do not dilute it and speak your mind. Be authentic and real and then you will be able to engage an audience better.

Build your life story or key events of your life story into your blog. I write a lot about the tragic death of my father and use my story and insight to build the Survival section of my blog. Today, those writings have transformed into motivational books to help others recover from life’s setbacks. The book is also called Survival. List down key events in life and build them as incidents and stories in the blog. You will find that you can use your events as experience to teach and make others learn from them. It could be that you got fired from a job, went through a divorce, fell in love for the first time or recovered from a terminal ailment. Use your personal experience by sharing your story with others so that you can educate them with your personal learnings.

Keep social networking in the backdrop and focus on blogging and helping your readers. Stop being materialistic and blog on issues and topics that inspire and interest you. Never copy anyone else, be yourself and true to your image. You will be able to overcome many disappointments with this thinking. Let your passion for your niche and blogging make you an A-lister.

At the end of the day, you should be able to show to the world that “I blog, therefore I am”. That should be your bond with blogging and you have to keep reinforcing it again and again throughout your journey.

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