How to Counter Internet Trolls

When you begin your journey into blogging, you will be doing a lot of writing. That writing will be judged and scrutinised by the public at large. You are exposing yourself to the world, your innermost thoughts and feelings, your desires, your secrets and all are for the world to see. Blogging thus becomes a sort of catharsis for the individual. It is like an inner cleansing. It clears your mind and rids you of all the negative emotions. Blogging is very therapeutic that way. However, you have to handle trolls. Different people will react differently to your views and ideas. Some will hate you for it and some will love you for it.

Learn to take that and learn to take it in the right spirit. You need both your haters and your lovers. Your lovers will encourage you and your haters will teach you. They will make you wiser and keep you in check. Thus, you need both of them. Pay attention to them equally. Do not be angry with people who do not agree with you or your views, as they are your real gurus. They will keep you in check. They are the ones that will keep your ego in control. So pay heed to negative comments on your blog. Do not blast back at them as Virat Kohli did to some of his trollers.

Humour and Wit is the Key

Be polite but be witty and humorous when you attack your doubters or haters. Wit and humour is your biggest weapon and can disarm any troller or negative person.

Follow your own truth, your own mission at any cost. Build your own world through blogging as we all live in our own world.

However, be truthful with your feeling when you write your post as it is easy to identify fakes and no one likes two-faced people.

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