How to Cook an eBook?

Everyone in blogging knows the easiest way to try and monetise your blog posts – converting them into ebooks. I have tried the self-publishing route and it did not give me the desired results. So this time around, I want to create, upload and sell my ebook all by my own effort and do it all for free. I think that might prove to be a better way to make money. As it is, having my book Survival out on and most internet bookstores, I have got enough experience. I will use the same tools to now publish and market my ebook. This time, I aim to do it all for free with no expert help which will be cost effective for me. Even a little bit of sales might result in some kind of cash positive profit for me. My first ebook with an all solo effort will be Blogging for Gold which talks about the technical aspects of blogging and is an A to Z guidebook for upcoming bloggers. It will also help hobby enthusiasts who blog for fun to learn and use new ideas to enhance their own blogs and monetise to make it into a healthy business.


Basically, all my three years of blogging experience is condensed into Blogging for Gold. It consists of my failures and successes and on how I navigated my blogging journey. It is a compilation of my in-depth blog posts that I write to educate others about blogging and its technical aspects.


This is the most important step. It deals with fonts, spelling, punctuations, structure of the book, pages and spell check. This time, we will have a content page and an index page along with a dedication page too.

Book Cover Design

This was prepared as an attractive business-like cover. The back cover is about the author and about the book. With a pretty picture of mine, the design was done. A bibliography with a foreword from the author could also be inserted to give it the real professional look.


We have enough free stock footage to add colour to the book. We also had access to my own live SmugMug pictures which will be inserted in the book.

Target Audience and Category

The book would fall into blogging, technology and self-help category. An audience of male and female with age group 18 – 44 years would be the target. People interested in technology, internet, social media, blogging and making money online would have a need for the content of this book. It would also help a lot of small business owners who would want to use ebooks as a marketing strategy.

Choose Publishers

Well, Amazon and Kindle are the first choices along with Free Space, NOOK Press, Blurb etc. In Blurb, you can use their design templates and tools to create snazzy and better-looking ebooks with more pictures and colours. One has to pay a minimum fee of $30 for using this. You can then upload your ebook in the specific format required and also create PDF files. Amazon gives you 70% of the royalties whereas others even offer 100% royalty. You have to open an account with your credentials and financial details and then it’s just the pulling of certain levers and your book is launched. It’s that simple. Lulu, Google Play and iBook are other platforms. These all have to be tried and used to launch the ebook. EJunkie, Shopify and Smash Words are other platforms that help to publish your ebook for free or at a cost less than $30.  I suggest you explore most options so that your book gets a great placement and reach.

Mailing List

Use your mailing list and MailChimp to give out free copies of your free ebook and create a buzz around it on Goodreads.


I am using pricing as a strategy to rope in more customers and I will price my book at 50 cents which is 50% less than what an average ebook sells on Amazon. This low price is attractive. I thought about selling it for free but that would devalue the brand so I chose a very aggressive pricing option.

Get Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The database I collected for marketing my self-published book Survival will be used to gain reviews from my readers. The Amazon reviewer list along with the newspaper and magazine editors database and the database collected by my book counsellors will be used to get testimonials which will be inserted along with the ebook to give it credibility.

Buy From the Blog

I will also develop ways to sell the ebook directly from my blog so it can be downloaded and people can pay through Paytm and PayPal.

Video Promotion

We can easily make promotional videos for the ebook through GoPro and edit it stylishly to promote on YouTube and Vimeo.


Using Google Translate, with a click of a button, we can translate the book into Indian regional languages as well as many international languages. This will also increase its reach and we will definitely translate our ebooks this way.


Trademark everything and remember, you have all the rights of the content you have created.

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