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Writing guest posts for other blogs and websites, which are part of your niche blogging area, is a great way to build traffic on your blog. This can be done by giving backlinks on the guest posts and linking with other blogger sites. You will be able to share traffic on relevant niche topics that are enjoyed and read by targeted readers.

I started out with a guest blogging section on my blog called Mehman, where I asked fellow travel junkies to write about their travel expeditions. I got many articles that way. I also asked a few freelance writers to write guest posts for me and paid them 50 paise per word for their effort. However, one must be careful while accepting blog posts from other bloggers and writer. Make sure the blog posts are on a relevant topic and the information adds value to your niche blog readers. You have to have editorial checks on the value of knowledge being shared and one must keep in mind that the spellings, sentence construction, grammar and layout of the post are flawless. At the backend, you need to do a content check that the post has not been published anywhere on the net and then do a plagiarism check to see that the content is original and the work of the writer. If you are using some content from the net, they also give credit for that to the original author. The same goes for photographs and videos. Make sure there are no copyright issues with the images.

Have a standard length for your blog posts, say 500 words to 600 words, and then have a guideline for backlinks. I would go for two backlinks per blog article. If you have too many backlinks pointing to your blog URL, it may be taken to be spam. To resolve plagiarism issues, use Copyscape tool and run it through your guest posts.

Make sure you do not do blatant self-promoting posts on your blog. Be very careful that the content of the post is relevant to the topic and the niche that you are blogging about. Having a clearly laid out guest post policy explaining every detail along with the type of content you will accept is very important in getting the right kind of guest writers.

Writing for big websites with huge traffic can also work for you, but many of the huge blogging sites now charge money as much as $35 for writing posts on their platform. This is a kind of brand promotion and blog advertising fee that these portals charge for carrying your article. I have avoided this kind of guest posting as of now. Sites like your YourStory and HuffingtonPost do accept sharp articles from writers and you can pitch to these guys if you have written something useful. I have started doing this. Let us see how much of a success I get in this type of guest posting.

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