Flying the Tricolour in Antarctica

It was our last evening in the white continent before the ship turned towards its journey back to the port of Ushuaia in Argentina. It was a day to sink everything in, the beauty, the tranquillity, the freezing snow and the radiant pink and orange skyline. It was our last landing in Antarctica and I had my GoPro on all the time. I stood on the balcony of my room and took some shots of me staring into the sea as droplets of rain and sea showers fell on me. I could see a few ice caves in the corner of my eyes, but now it was time to go to the island shore one last time.

I sat in the black rubber jetty and filmed myself and my fellow passengers. Then on the island, I danced on the snow and chased penguins into the water holding my GoPro to film them all the time. The couple from New Zealand, who were instructed to make the official Q Travels video, went to work. The anchor spoke into the large digital camera which gave a much sharper and clearer image than my GoPro 5 and was also giving a shake-free image output. Its filming was steady while my GoPro images were blurry as I walked or strolled on the snow and black pebbled seashore.

I looked behind me. The soft snowflakes were flying in the air as a big brown furry seal tried to slide from the snow into the sea water. It was flapping away but due to the huge mass, it was unable to move. It was safe to say that it was discomforting for her as I captured the sea and her dilemma through my camera zoom lens. The whole place was covered with snow and the island had huge iron containers that would have stored oil which was much needed for the whaling season and for the explorers who would stay back on the white continent.

There was a beer and pool bar which had great books and music. At the bottom of the bar was a small Antarctica Museum that basically spoke about the history of the content and the heroics of many of its explorers. The walls were littered with old photographs of past explorers and people who once lived on the island. It was also full of artists and memorabilia that celebrated the great explorations of this wonderland of ice.

But the highlight of this last landing was my oratory in front of the Indian tricolour flag. I spoke with pride as if I was the man who had conquered the moon. This was my ultimate high, a feeling of thrill, for a travel blogger and an explorer like me as I barked out into the camera “This is Anuj Tikku from Antarctica, only on” This has come out as a great shot in the Antarctica video of Tikku’s Travelthon and I am proud of it. The background score used and the quick edits of the white expanse have been captured and preserved well.

So all, say in one voice, Antarctica Zindabad!

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