Ek Ka Dum in Ayodhya for Our Brothers Who Lost Their Lives in the Pulwama Blast

How long will we keep seeing images of burning Kashmir and people torn by terror and insurgency? Bomb blasts, stone pelting, failing economy and radicalised unemployed youth who root for Pakistan rather than us. That has become the true face of the valley. We keep paying for the gravest mistakes of our politicians who could not settle this key territorial issue before partition and the forming of the borders of Pakistan.

The British just hastily left and no one had a clue how to deal with the Kashmir mess. So now, rather than a clear border, we have a line of control which is violated all the time. We have a valley full of Army Jawans and vehicles patrolling the city and the valley area trying to sniff out terrorist activity. It is in the shadows of this heavenly place known the world over for its old Kashmiri tradition and culture. For this, the Pakistani army has started a proxy war with India. They have used the tribal outfits and terror groups Jaish-e-Mohammed this time to execute the Pulwama suicide bomb attack, which has taken 41 lives of our young army men serving in the valley.

A huge caravan of 2,700 army soldiers was on the move. It was ambushed and an army truck was hit by a Mahindra SUV, which was being driven by a suicide bomber carrying 100 kg of high explosives. The result was mayhem and the modus operandi lethal. I mean how can you save your men from a suicide bomb attack? Jaish-e-Mohammed has taken responsibility and the tutelage and tactical support to the Pakistani army are clear. They are supporting Jaish as Laskar has gone silent after the Mumbai bomb attacks.

The nation is in shock and mourns. There is a debate about what is to be done. Can we stop this? The government has given Rs 10 lakhs to the families of the victims and all parties stand in support of the martyred men. India is angry and that can be seen in the words of Modi who has said appropriate action will be taken and that the army has been given a free hand.

Diplomatic responses are on the way. India has removed Pakistan as a preferred nation to do business with and has sapped 200% trade tariff to all Pakistani exports to India, which is around 457 million dollars and mostly includes dry fruits, cement, fruits and other construction material.

This time, the people of India have responded with anger. There have been rallies and demonstrations after the attack. Sehwag has pledged to look after the education of the kids of the martyred soldiers. Khan’s photo has been covered and may be removed from the cricket stadium. Priyanka Gandhi has cancelled her press conference and Kohli has postponed his awards ceremony to show respect for the dead and their grieving families.

Pakistan is becoming a terrorist and rogue state controlled by the army and they can only remain relevant until they keep showing to their fellow Pakistanis that India is the enemy and a big threat. This is far from the truth. India has no need or use taking over or annexing Pakistan.

As the debate raises to the next course of action, we, the Tikku’s Tarvelthon team, pledge to do one more EK KA DUM event, this time in the city of Ram Ayodhya, the Janam Bhoomi of the great archer and the vanquisher of evil, Ram himself. We will collect Rs 1 from all the pilgrims, travellers and good folks of Ayodhya this time and donate it to the families of our soldiers who died in the Pulwama Attack. I pledge to carry Ek Ka Dum to raise money for these brave families.

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