Bookamania Launching Soon by Partridge India

Dear Readers,

With your blessings, we are launching my new website called and is powered by my Survival book publisher Partridge India Publishing. It will specially showcase and market my book. Please visit it to read excerpts from my book Survival. Kindly review my book and place your comments.

This will be the definite book site for all books authored by Anuj Tikku. You will get details of my book events, latest book videos and deals. Everything about my books will be announced through this website. There will be a special tab called the Retailer Corner that will showcase all my book retailers and Tikku’s Travelthon book counters. It will carry retailer photos and advertisements with videos. This will help in promoting the retailer and his/her other products.

Don’t forget to enter your name and email id in the contact section. You can also message me your suggestions through the contact section.

This will be the world of books for me. Come and float with me in my dream world full of glorious books. Just type and log on to

Happy Reading

Anuj Tikku

Chief Travel Officer

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