Book Reviews and the Magic of Lists

I scanned the internet for lists of book lovers, book reviews and the best book blogs that exist as I was convinced after watching a few YouTube videos that if I wanted serious reviews for my book Survival, I would need a very powerful and focused list. My first hit was on Amazon that has a great list of their top 10,000 product reviewers. These are guys who are very much into affiliate marketing and give great product reviews on the site day in and day out. Along with that, there is also a list of Hall of Famers. These guys are just the top cream of reviews on Amazon. They have an opinion on every product and are very informed consumers themselves. I targeted this list and got vital data out.

  • NAME

This information can be obtained from the profile pages of these people and one can also know what type and category of products these guys like to review. Now that I have the list of names and email id, I could send them my book’s press release followed by my ebook, book summary and author summary along with price format and other details requesting them to review my book. This will be a very reliable list of professional reviewers.

Secondly, I targeted the book blogs and individual book reviewers who do free reviews in exchange for posting and free ebooks. I soon had the top book blogs in the US and in Britain. These are important markets for my Book Survival as it is in English. More than 20% of my readers are from the US and the United Kingdom. Also, my book will be participating in exhibitions in San Francisco and London. The list was compiled by visiting individual blogs and websites and then collating all the relevant data about the book lover and his book review blog. This would also turn out to be a handy list of 250 relevant book reviewers that I could target through email and send my press kit in return for a book review. These will be uploaded on my author site, Amazon and my blog.

They say that the success rate of this kind of an activity is 1%. Well, I am sure I would have collected at least 30 reviews by the end of this exercise. Even that will go a long way to push the sales of my book and give me credibility as an author.

So remember, it’s all on the list. So go out and make one for yourself before you start marketing your self-published book.

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