Blogging for Gold Ebook Launch

A to Z of Blogging, that is what my second book Blogging for Gold is. It is the definitive blogging guide for dummies. Blogging amateurs, technology enthusiasts, internet marketers and the millennials will love this book. It has the sum total of my blogging journey so far and sheds light on the technology involved and the creative and writing skills required. It is a step-by-step guide to building a blog right from buying a URL, web hosting and content writing. It also touches upon tips on building characters into your stories, blog analytics and Facebook advertising.

I take the readers through all the internet apps, third-party plugins and self-publishing tools that bloggers can use to promote their content.

It’s all about the money honey and this book gives helpful tips on how to monetise your blogs, build digital content and earn money from affiliate marketing tools and opportunities on the net.

I would love it if you would write a 100-word review of my book Blogging for Gold. Also, visit for more details on the book and other promotions. The book is priced at Rs 99 only and is being launched on Amazon and Kindle in a week’s time.

So watch out for this powerful blogging guidebook.

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