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How to Use Other Blogs as Advertising and Promotional Tools

I knew I had to find a cheaper way to get positive word of mouth about my blog and books to the relevant audience. I had tried to self-publish my book Survival with Partridge but I spent a lot of money and lost lakhs due to inflated costs and ineffective advertising on both Facebook and Google. Therefore, I decided to approach Indian Book Bloggers who do only book reviews. I asked them to review my books. They charge a fee of Rs 400 to Rs 900 for each review and will post it all over the net on the online market place like GoodReads, IndiBlogger etc. Therefore, they do their job well. Soon, I had a list of over 20 bloggers who had reviewed my books. This, to me, was cheaper and a surer way to promote my books. The next step will be to build this network through categories like book bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and travel bloggers. You can then slip in a few extra promotional posts promoting your books or an event and ask the network to post them on their blog. Each category reviews a certain book. For example, my Travel Bawarchi will be reviewed by food bloggers and Travelthon Tales by travel bloggers.

Once you have a network of over a 100 such bloggers, you can make advertising packages and do bulk ads across blogs keeping a fee for yourself and distributing the rest for their ad space on the blog. This can be done by negotiating a standard rate across blogs. This way, you carry a lot more clout when you approach a client. A network of the top 100 Indian bloggers is a lot of influencers. They carry a lot more weight and you can advertise across all of them.

Use your blogging network to promote your products and brand. Create PR posts about upcoming blog events and webinars. This will expand your audience and relevant readers will come to you, which will increase your acquisition.

You can also organise blogging conferences, key talks and knowledge events. Like TED Talks, you can have your own branded blogging event. That also can be a revenue spinner for you and the network.

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