The Affiliate Marketing Product Cycle

Well, basically, you have four distinct type of products that you can use to make money from your prospects.

The Lead Magnet

This is a very low-cost item or product that helps generate the first lead from the traffic that is coming to your blog or website. Here, you will give away the lead product to the reader free of cost in exchange for giving his name and email id that you will add to your subscriber list. This is your content lead funnel and will build over time by giving away free ebooks or a free online course. This generates the lead and, thus, is the lead magnet.

The Trip Wire

The lead is ready to pay and make a buying decision for this entry-level product. This is the tripwire that the customer has fallen into and taken the bait to buy the product you are offering. These are low cost – less than 100-dollar products like ebooks and video courses. Now that the customer has bought something that you recommended, you know you have really started to become an influencer.

Continuity Products

These are products that you sell the customer once and then he pays for them every month. These are subscription products and are continues in nature of the fee. Web-hosting services kind of continuity products give good and reliable money.

The Profit Multiplier

These are high-end products with a high price tag of 1000 dollars plus. These products really boost your profits and the money you earn through commission. This top-tier product is needed if you want to make some big money in online marketing. Let us face it as, by now, the customer has begun to trust you. You have taken him through four product cycles and slowly upsold to him. Now he trusts you and has faith in you. The high-end products are always kept behind and offered at the end. Only when the customer totally trusts your judgement will he make the purchase. This is necessary in your affiliate marketing strategy.

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