5 Points to Note before Posting on Your Blog

  1. Make the Post as Visual and Appealing As You Can

Use images, posters, real and stock images. Use videos, promotion and advertisement videos, jingles, songs and music bytes to give your posts a more three dimensional and colourful appeal. Also, if you are in any long video clip, highlight the timestamp of your appearance so that no one has to go through the entire video to spot you in person.

  1. Make Your Posts Brutally Honest

Make your posts honest, even the dialogues or interplay of characters if you are telling a compelling story. Keep it real and in your face. Readers love honesty and want to know the truth as much as you can show it to them.

  1. Be Informative with Facts

Make the post informative, give backgrounds and details of people involved. Back your posts with links that prove the fact. If someone has done a review of your act in a film, tag that review with the post. If there is a quote you have given, put that in your blog. Make it authentic and back the authenticity of your words with facts.

  1. Use of Language

Use the language as it was spoken then and in that tone. If you are doing a dialogue between two people, keep to the emotions that the characters were feeling at that time. I use a lot of Hindi when I am talking or having a discussion with someone in my posts. So, I try and keep the dialogues as they were said in reality.

  1. Build Imagery

Make interesting web posters, tags and poster designs. It will further enhance the story you are telling. Right now, I am writing a story about my campus life. The title is “I Also Slept With Rashmi Verma” I have made a book cover design, tag and poster design for the ebook already and will develop poster design for the main characters involved in the book. This adds to the fantasy element of the blog post and if you choose, you can convert it into an ebook later.

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