Meet Mr. Internet Troll

Internet trolls are a rising lot of netizens. They are those people who get into a disruptive mode and enter conversations and debate with only one objective in mind – cause mayhem and disruption on the net. This can amount to using foul language, rude jokes or just being plain abusive on the net. They are a real turn off and can be a nightmare for any celebrity that they fancy. Research has shown that internet trolls are of a certain personality trait and psychological structure. They are narcissistic in nature and have psychopathic tendencies. They are mostly males and have a very low level of empathy for other’s feelings and emotions. They disrupt because they need to get their laughs and cheap thrills. They are like cyber bullies throwing potatoes at people and causing unnecessary debate and unpleasantness on the net.  The anonymity of the internet also helps trolling behaviour as they feel they are not answerable for their bad behaviour.

Many celebs have closed their Twitter accounts due to being harassed by trolls and it can have a very negative impact on the mind of the victim. A feeling of a low sense of esteem and a feeling of being stalked develops in the victims of trolling.

Stalking on the net is a form of a troll where the victim can be harassed, abused and threatened through the net even when the victim has asked the troller to stop repeatedly. The best way to deal with this kind of troller is to avoid him and just ignore the trolls. Just do not react at all. In time, the troller will lose interest and stop. The troller fuels on the response he gets from his victims. But, if there is no response, he will lose attention and lose interest.

It’s the thrill of the hunt and the sadistic abuse that the troller throws up. That is the most fun part for him. If he gets a reaction, the troller is even more encouraged.

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