Mauritian Food and the swim in the Alexandra Fall

My days at this African island nation just keeps getting better and I am planning on making a long trip or let us say – stay out of it. My new found friend here Kaviraj and I had been getting close and he was quite a philosopher I noted as he guided me around. I let on that “ I am also a poet apart from being an actor in Bollywood and you should go to my Facebook page.” I continued further,  ” I have written a poem called I am in love but I can’t get it up .” Kavi laughed heartily at the title of my poem and I must say that it was indeed a great poem – even if no one but I thought so.

A Swim in the wtaerfalls

A Swim in the wtaerfalls

We drove down to the Alexandra Falls right in the midst of what seemed to be a field. It was breathtaking in it’s natural beauty and I was awestruck to say the least. I trekked down and swam right to the mouth of the fall navigating the slippery slope was an exercise and well not saying much but I cannot yet include myself among the fittest. I was panting and gasping for breath.

I jumped into the icy cold water and swam right to the tip where the water was falling as Kaviraj clicked away with my Camera. I loved the exercise and the swim had done wonders for me. As I climbed back to our car, we had driven what seemed right to the mouth I felt amazed. There was fresh coconut juice and a pineapple waiting for me , I munched away at this rare treat .

Next stop was Chamarel Terres Des 7 Couleurs, an exotic place and an interesting geological formation and are sand dunes of seven different colours.  I saw Red ,Brown , White   and this is in the found in the Chamarel plain of the Rivière Noire District.

I had already spent five days in this country but I realized that I was yet to taste a full course Authentic Mauritian cuisine. Kavi came to my rescue again we stopped at the Palasis De Barbizon where I had a hearty lunch of Chicken , Fish , Vegetables of three different varieties of Dal and pickle with some orange punch.

At the end of the meal I heard the radio turned on and a hit Bollywood number from the film Dhoom was playing “ Dhoom Machale Dhoom Machale Dhoom.”. I got up and instantly started dancing to the tune of the music as if on cue the cook and the waitress and even Kavi joined the party and in a few minutes the whole restaurant was cheering us and clapping for us to go on. That was quite something and I guess the performer in me was just letting go!

Mahébourg is a sleepy fishing village and I enjoyed the calmness and serenity of the place I have decided to extend my stay at the Coca Villa for seven more days. This will be my base and I plan to take in this Island Nation of Africa making this my hub!

I had really wanted to do this again since Male and the Andamans and Kavi has booked me for a three day Scuba Diving Session and I was looking forward to the deep dive at the Scuba Doo Diving Club new Port Louis, the Capital City. It is on the famous Troux aux Biches – winner of the world leading beach destination of 2011! I am really looking forward to that dive!

  1. Oh my, Anuj, you’ve been there, done that and what not! Now is time to come back home, and not dither more. Hey, are you even listening!

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