Make Travel a Play, Not a Journey

Most people see travel as a journey with a beginning and an end. You start from somewhere and end it somewhere. This leads to stress, worry and hurry. You want to be in a constant rush of reaching somewhere and arriving somewhere and that destroys the very beauty of travel. Travel should be like learning a musical instrument or like dancing. You don’t work a piano, you play it. You dance for the joy of dancing. You don’t wait to see where you will arrive in the room at the end of the dance because if you become conscious of the end, you will miss the dance. So make travel a Leela, a dance, a spontaneous symphony which has no definite finale or ending. That way, you will remain spontaneous and enjoy every moment of the travel. Your eyes and heart will be fixed in the moment and you will be focused on the journey.

You can change course if you like and the travel will meander and change course with you. Remember, the entire existence is not going anywhere. It has been here since eternity and will remain here forever. It has no purpose. The only purpose it has is to dance and throb with energy every moment with no beginning and no end. Talk to people, share your stories, give them love and get love from them. You are the one who can see the journey from your very perspective as no one else can. Make it a dance and don’t make it a race. You have been running around a lot, so just relax and breathe. It’s all Leela and you are the puppeteer and the ring master alike.

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