MailChimp: The Perfect E-Marketing Tool

I can’t but not speak of the wonders of MailChimp. I have used its free services for over a year to increase my subscribers of my Travelthon Adventures Newsletter. Recently, I did an extensive follower data culling exercises of my blog and over time hope to collect emails, names and other data of my followers and likes. This will be loaded as a Broadcast List on my MailChimp account. From here, I will centrally shootout contests, consumer info, product details and newsletters to my followers keeping them informed of my travels. This will be the central data source of all information to my blog followers.

The monthly charge of MailChimp is $20 a month and you can add $5 for every added 500 emails. This will also help fix a price on our follower data.

I can do many things with this database. I can share it with corporates to do co-branded promotions and advertising of their brands through my blog and design full campaigns for brands. Use it for selling my e-books and barter it for publicity or cross-promotion with branded events. Now my scope widens, the more precise and structured my follower data, the more brand interest there will be. Then I can execute social media backed marketing campaigns for brands who want to target the required audience.

This will add to the many Tikku’s Travelthon book retailers as they can be the starting point of this social media backed youth brand campaigns. These retailer hubs will be the focal point of more data collection and we will get more subscribers to add on MailChimp.

Now, we also own the consumer and the consumer point or outlet as they would have bought my books as well so they will have enough exposure to the brand and its ideals.

We will then have two distinct offers for our corporate brand, a precisely segmented follower and reader data along with promotion points which will be our retail outlets. This will add further value to the corporate brand promotion and e-marketing efforts. We can then ideate on the perfect contest with interesting names by lines, twists and turns to make it interesting. My free books can be given out as prizes to the winners or the brand being promoted could give away its freebies. This is perfect for branded store outlets, cafes, ice cream parlours, gyms, internet cafes and other youth hangouts.

MailChimp helps a lot in giving a blogger an edge to negotiate with big brands and corporate names.

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