Love You My Haters

Just recently, I posted a few soft porn stories about my campus affair with a nymphomaniac girl called Rashmi Verma. The story included all her lovers as various characters who had f****d her. I would say that the stories were a bit sordid on the sleazy side but it was not porn. It grew strong reactions from my ex batch mates and many trolled it with ‘f**k you’ comments. Some even put a bounty on my head, “One blue label for anyone who slaps this c***e”. These were the common remarks thrown at me by the haters. For the first time, I felt what Salman Rushdie must have felt when he wrote the Satanic Verses. My haters were less than two dozen but he had hundreds of thousands. I can now empathise with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and all the Padmavati controversy as my own campus controversy caught fire. The volleys of ‘f**k you’ that I received from my batchmates was unprecedented. All for a b***h who I couldn’t lay. I even received slapping threats. I was petrified that some of my haters would also land up at my house to beat me up. It was the most hostile reaction that I got for my posts on the story of Rashmi Verma.

Inversely, my blog analytics hit the roof. As in three months of dishing out these true sordid stories, I almost tripled my unique users. So it was a decision that I had to take. It was dumping my old known and trusted friends during my campus days for thousands of unknown followers. In my selfishness to promote my blog, I ignored the voices of my flesh and blood old campus friends. Now, I can only see them as mere characters in my soft porn stories as they have all deserted me and blocked me forever. I move deeper and deeper into the world of social media and I am losing touch with what was and is real. Well, I guess that if you have to make new friends, you might have to give up some old ones and that is exactly what happened. I have removed the stories a few days back as I feel that I need to create a separate and special place for them on the blogging circuit. But still, the hate that I received was unprecedented.

I had got a similar reaction once when I published a post on religion and spirituality that compared the brutality of Mahabharata with ISIS. Still, the hate was a lot less than what I got for my Rashmi Verma posts. I guess the upshot is that people are reading my blog and are reading the entire post. I have managed to get their attention and grabbed eyeballs which have got my blog chugging. In turn, I have lost real friends who genuinely cared for me. I regret that but I made a choice and I stand by it. Even putting disclaimers on the posts did not douse the fire that I had ignited by my words.

Nonetheless, I love you all. Haters or others, I know I can’t win it all! Rashmi Verma will be back as an e-book soon to be published by Penguins in a more toned down avatar to keep a broader appeal. Till then, love to all who hated me for doing it.

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