Linking Through LinkedIn

I have been using LinkedIn like a crazy frog the last few months and, rest assured, I have felt a positive impact on my business and direct contact with partners and customers. I have seen LinkedIn is very effective for finding prospective clients especially when you want to make pitches to them that would take some time to mature. You can do all your pitching and even decision making without meeting the client or the business partner. I feel that LinkedIn, which acted as a mere facilitator for people to do deals with each other, has advanced. You can now close deals through LinkedIn. There is no need for a physical handshake between the buyer of services and the seller.

You can send presentations, charts, figures, ebooks, heavy image files, graphic videos and e-tutorials. You can send everything one needs to explain one’s product and services. It is cost effective. All can be done through the basic features of this platform with ease. Now, with digital signatures, a face-to-face meeting is also not required. You can handshake digitally. From a mere B2B facilitator, it has become the one point dealmaker. As in now, you can look for prospects, contact them, pitch to them and close the deal through this magnificent platform.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

One needs to have a completed profile page with every detail filled in. You must use a good positive colour photograph of yours. It will increase your chances of popping up in searches and people finding your profile. I regularly post my videos and blog posts on the platform that increases the people who view my profile and site traffic. There is a premium version of LinkedIn that you can subscribe to that lets you unlock some power profiles of important business heads from around the world so that you can connect to them. As of now, I use the basic version. One has to keep upgrading it year on year.

The platform came in handy when I wanted to reach out to book lovers, writers, travel bloggers, media industry heads and travel portals. I just went to search and looked them up through keywords. The most effective way to connect is to send each one a personal note explaining why you want to connect with them and what you offer. That way, connecting becomes easy, as the person knows what they are dealing with. Then depending on your pitch, you can start sending more information, PDF files, ebooks, PPT, excel sheets, videos, GIF files and images. All this will help in the initial structuring of the deal and the product info you offer will be invaluable. You can ask for email id directly and start dealing through the mail as well.

Inspiring Everyone

Contracts, deal sheets and info letters can be sent through the platform, which itself is a rich source of inspiration. LinkedIn is full of video feeds and images, which will keep you motivated. Philosophical words and motivational messages will crop up to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Apart from searching for jobs and applying directly for positions through the Apply Now button, one can also get specific job openings as predefined in their inbox automatically as they available. There is rich content on industry verticals. Premium industry reposts for corporates to plan ahead can be bought for a price. It is a playground for HR professionals who look for young recruits. They also share their research reports, papers and findings on the platform, which is a huge source of knowledge for industry heads. Head-hunters droll on the system and even premium hunting for CEO, Director and COO level professionals can be done with the help of this giant platform that towers above all in its specific niche and space.

The richness and depth of knowledge in this platform are what defines LinkedIn. You learn so much about companies, businesses, best practices in industries, future technology, market and brand research that at times you feel exhausted as what to read and what to leave out.

A Direct Marketing Tool

For, it has been a very effective direct marketing tool as it has helped me in one-to-one contact with customers, content partners and business heads. This is where it has done wonders for my blog. I truly am linking with the world through LinkedIn.

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