Life: A Game of Snakes and Ladders - IMT BASH

I had a great time at the Changemasters ‘98 IMT reunion bash. I spent quality time with my MBA batchmates to relive old times. Yes, life indeed has been a game of snakes and ladders. After all, we were the batch of the famous ladder brigade. It is the symbol now for all our lives and it was even more symbolic 20 years back when we were training to be aspiring managers and leaders of the industry. The ladder symbolised our aspirations, dreams and drive. All of us wanted to climb the ladder and reach the top. Some, after reaching the top wished they were on the other side of the ladder behind the window enjoying the pleasures of life. No one wanted to be left behind who wants to be accused of failure. All paired to make the climb. I am sure many did but did they feel fulfilled at the end of the climb or was the top a bit empty and shallow?

Life for all of us has been like that. Some who reached the top found that the ladder had grown a notch or two and they had to keep climbing to catch up. Thus, we were unable to finally reach the pinnacle or zenith. As it were, some who landed at the top wanted to be on the other side of the ladder behind the window, no doubt feeling that would make them feel better and bring joy, happiness and fulfilment to them. Some placed ahead on the ladder but later fell due to failure, disaster or just bad luck. Some reached the middle and the climb looked exhausting and pointless, so they waited to take a breather before they started again. Some fell on their butt and stayed there for years. Some just ponder and wait under the ladder to see how the others had faired. However, it has not been an all-smooth ride up the ladder for all of us with everyone sharing their tumbles of life. It was a rejuvenating session of dance, music food and togetherness. God bless the batch of Changemasters ‘98 IMT.

I also enjoyed the morning walk about the campus after the late night party. At least the amphitheatre still looked the same. New and taller buildings had come up and the batch size swelled to 500 or so students now. There was a lot of construction going on near the back hostel blocks and there were lots of ladders. Ah! Ladders all around, still the symbol of youthful ambition and drive. It seems that time had almost frozen as we woke up from a dream. We had covered 20 years on the same ladder but there was still a lot of climb left. Has it been worth it? Some of us ask. Should we have just lived and extended our campus life to our real life? That would have been the most fun. Live with no worries, I say, like innocent children seeing things as they are with an air of innocence. Do not climb the ladder, just play on it as we used to 20 years back. Who knows what surprises await you behind that open windows.

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