Jai Hind Lunch Home

Jai Hind was my ultimate eating place while I was doing the Bollywood struggler scene. It is situated in Bandra on the Hill Road and is truly on an incline. You have to climb up a steep road to get to this eating joint. In those days, it was very basic like a dhaba with wooden tables and chairs. It could accommodate a maximum of around 25 people. You will get hooked to the sea food which was its speciality. Some of the best dishes were Pomfret Fry, Surmai Fish Fry, Sukka Prawn and Goan Style Mutton and Chicken. The food had just the right amount of spice and coconut and was virtually fat free. I used to audition in Bandra often and lived in Bandra. So I had become a regular here. The rates were reasonable and they gave you a good quantity of rice and fish curry for less than Rs 100. I used to wash down my food with Duke’s Lemonade and then burp aloud at the end of the meal.

Sometimes you had to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes to get a place. Generally, creative people or regular factory workers frequented this place but everyone loved the fried fish and the sukka prawns of Jai Hind Lunch Home.

It has now grown into a franchise now with social media and internet marketing presence but if the food is still as good as it was back then, then I will still give it a try. But for me, I swear by its food.

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