Is Actor Jim Carrey Really Insane?

Well, Hollywood has been abuzz with the latest Jim Carrey avatar where he now emerges into the spotlight with a full grown silver brown beard like that of a sage or a spiritual guru. The fact is that he also sounds like one. Recently, he took a reporter by the arm and said, “I am not Jim Carrey. You see, I don’t exist. What I perceive is my personality and a set of thoughts and beliefs. It is my own manifestation. In the end, I am just a consciousness connected with the whole”. Man, that must have been some heady stuff of philosophy and theology for the reporter to take. He was seen ducking and waving trying to get away from Jim. He really thought that the talented actor and comedian had gone completely lunatic.

We saw Jim give a similar performance while giving a speech at a university convocation. As he spoke to the kids, he said, “Ultimately, you will realise that wealth, fame, power and success are all unfulfilling in the end and leave you exhausted and tired. They will not end up in satisfaction but rather as regret for time spent in such a wasteful manner. But when I remove my identity and my ego, I begin to see the magic of consciousness unfold, the feeling of ones which results in love for others and fellow beings. Now that’s an ideal to chase.” He goes on to explain to the people the mystery of mysteries, like a preacher preaching from the pulpit.

The talk, the beard, the gyaan and the lingo shows how far out the man has been in his mind and whatever state of consciousness he lives in. Man, his job is to entertain and this is his new way of doing that. He is now Baba Comedy, the Baba of comic spirituality. I am sure Jim Carrey would be the first guy to achieve this feat.

He has started to talk a little goofy like in the recent Grammy awards speech when he got the best actor award. “It seems my life goals and ambitions are only restricted to being three times Golden Globe winning actor Jim Carrey.” All this just reflects a man who seems to have run after shadows and mirrors all his life and ended up with nothing but emptiness. At that point of his life as he started to go right into the abyss, he saw a small yet faint light coming from the beyond. He got a glimpse of its flash and he ran into the light. That is where he merged into the ultimate consciousness, and became the universe. Now Jim was free to say things like “I am not the body, I am the limitless soul trapped inside the body.” Wow! Heavy stuff, so esoteric and so insane. But then this guy was the best comedian and stand-up act on the planet and gave hit after hit. His over the top eccentric and bizarre facial expressions coupled with his simplicity and kind heart won many audiences around the world. But it got him nowhere and he went through depression many times in his life. Stories of his girlfriend, cocaine binges and other gory stuff have transformed the Jim Carrey we know from the bizarre to the surreal. I wonder which realm of consciousness he went to hide in after his girlfriend’s suicide fiasco. Now, come on, Jim. To drive someone to the grave and commit suicide, now that takes some level of insanity.

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