In The Name Of The Father

I woke up early today and wandered into the garden taking photographs.


I was fascinated by a bunch of colourful peacocks wandering around the area.


These exotic birds would fly up to a machaan and sit on top of it as they walked their necks jutted in and out dancing in the morning sun. Nearby, some ducks were hovering near the gaushala.


A huge pond filled with lotus flowers lay in front of me as the morning birds sang their customary song.


I went to the Isha Foundation welcome centre and made a donation of Rs. 40,000.


As I was doing so, I told them about the brutal murder of my father and the death of my mother through cancer.


I was pleased that they suggested that they will do a puja at the Linga Bhairavi.


They will perform the ritual and Shanti path for the dead and also appease the Gods to get their blessings. I went ahead to the Linga Bhairavi to give them the details of my father.


I was asked to send my father’s photo through e-mail which I will duly do so that they can perform the prayers for seven years in a row.


This is one of the several places around the world where I have prayed for the soul of my father and asked for his forgiveness.


I hope this is one more step away from my redemption and if there is a God somewhere, He will answer my prayers and will give peace to my father’s soul.


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