Imran Khan Pe Reham Karo!

Please, Reham Khan, spare our poor old Imran Khan with what you have written about your ex in an autobiography of yours which is coming out just at the time of the Pakistani elections. This is the best time for Imran Khan as it is the elections. Alas, you have put a spanner in the works and spilt all the beans about your days as a wife of the Khan. Now you have the Khan camp shaking in their pants as you have not even spared Wasim Akram and his now dead wife Huma.

The book is a scathing attack on Imran, the person, and his party Tehreek-e-Insaf. His group of friends and admirers have also not been spared with chapters like Boys, Girls, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll and Cocaine and Heroin in which she alleges that Imran Khan does drugs. She has written openly about women giving or being asked to give sexual favours to politicians and also claimed that Imran gets money from the Rothschild so that he could push a zaniest agenda when he becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan. In short, this wounded tigress has gone on an all-out offence and has claimed that she did not know many things about the Lion of Pakistan and had she known who he really was, she would have never married him. So, is it a case of sour grapes coming from a wounded ex or is there some kind of honesty in her words and what she is really trying to achieve? “The people of Pakistan should know who they are voting for and what stand every party is taking. I am making the voting public more aware of Imran Khan and where he actually stands in his ideology and vision for Pakistan.” That is what her noble cause is. We also know that she is an ambitious woman. It is also rumoured that Nawaz Sharif had paid to get her book published and his group is also promoting it. The book indeed has stirred up a nest of controversies in the political circles and many have come out attacking Reham Khan for doing such a low and unwisely act. She has destroyed the sanctity of the relationship with Imran Khan.

Some of Imran Khan’s friends have also maintained that Reham Khan was planted into Imran Khan’s life by the ISI and was an agent of ISI. She had been put into the Khan camp to destabilise and cause harm to his party. Reham acts like a damsel in distress trying to play the feminism card and become the intellectual female elite of Pakistan like Shobhaa De or Barkha Dutt. Whatever she has written has sparked such a fire. I wonder when the book is out, what all sparks will fly from either side of the fence. The Imran camp is claiming that Reham tried to steal 1 crore rupees from Imran Khan’s charitable trust and was reprimanded for it. This is mud slugging at its best at the highest levels of Pakistani political establishment and aristocracy and its fun to watch. I have been glued to YouTube for the past few days watching bites from Pakistani news channels playing this Reham Khan book controversy.

Please madam, Khan sahib pe reham karo!

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