If Arjuna was a Blogger

Well, Mahabharata is one of the most popular and ancient epics. So I thought, why not look at an aspect where the main characters of Mahabharata were bloggers? What would it be like?

Arjuna would be the most focused blogger in the world. As he mastered the bow and arrow, he was the king of focus. He would shoot his creative posts like arrows on the blogging circuit. These would explode into a visual treat when viewed by the readers. His wit would be sharp and his posts clear and precise like the tip of an arrow. He would blog to compete and win. After all, it was he who helped win the war. But his writings would be filled with vanity and self-praise. Stories of his heroic deeds would litter social media. He would want to conquer unknown territories and explore new topics and facets of blogging. In short, he would play to win. His four blogging pillars which connote his four brothers, Yudhishthira, Nakula, Bhima and Sahadeva, will be –


This is based on Yudhishthira’s traits of always knowing the right charm and upholding the truth. Arjuna’s blog posts will be correct and accurate with information and facts. He will write what is correct and true. The posts will be informative for his readers. There will not be any false news or misrepresentations of facts on his blog.


This virtue belongs to Bhima. Arjuna will use his strengths and blog on topics he has vast knowledge of like the art of war, archery, strategy, dancing and chariot racing. During Agyaat Vaas, Arjuna was a dancer in the king’s court. His blogs would carry the strength of knowledge, figures and data.


This is the virtue of Nakula as he was very beautiful, attractive and well-groomed. Arjuna would paint beautiful stories and post beautiful videos and pictures on the blog. He may also start a sub-niche on horse riding and grooming since Nakula loved and trained horses. Whatever blogging content gets pushed on the blog, it will be beautiful.


This is what the youngest twin, Sahadeva, was best at – the strategy of the sword. Arjuna’s blog will include the topic of fencing as Sahadeva was a great swordsman. Arjuna will market and blog with a consistent and deep strategy. This will strike at the very heart of the blogging universe.

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