I Have Been Gang Raped By Women – A Man’s Story

There has been a lot of talk about molestation and rape culture of India and how women are being abused and raped due to cultural biases and the way we bring up our boys and our girls. Indian boys and men have been painted as ugly rapists due to the way that they have been brought up by feminist organisations and rape victims. They say that boys enjoy a lot more freedom in India while growing up while this privilege is not given to women who are asked to dress up from head to toe. They are asked to stay indoors to keep them away from prying eyes and rightly so.

I have a different take on this matter and no doubt, I might create a lot of ruckus by expressing my views and ideas but so be it. Celebrities like Virat Kohli and Akshay Kumar have publicly spoken against this growing attack on women and questioned the attitude and mindsets of the Indian male. They have said that a molester is one of us. He lives amongst us and is part of our system and our being. These men, no doubt, have to be politically correct while expressing their views or they might just lose their multi-billion dollar endorsements and contracts. So, I feel they are not doing any good to society by not expressing their true opinions. I, for one, have nothing to lose. No brands will desert me and so, there is no need for me to be politically correct. I can express myself freely.

A picture of Phoolan Devi, the bandit queen.

A picture of Phoolan Devi, the bandit queen.

Rape and molestation are wrong and evil. The way Nirbhaya was raped was evil. The way Phoolan Devi was raped was evil. Rape is evil when a woman has said ‘no’. Whenever a woman says ‘no’, be it before or during the intercourse, the man has to stop, no two ways about it. But it is easier said than done. I, for one, know it as a fact that while making love to my ex-wife many times she had said ‘no’ to me while I was penetrating her. But I did not stop and helped her reach orgasm. Now we know sisters, that when you say ‘no’, you actually mean ‘yes’. So does that mean I am a rapist and I raped my wife? I leave it to your good judgement. I had many girlfriends with whom I had sex, including penetration with most and oral with some. All these sexual sessions were with the ladies’ consent and therefore, I feel that I have provided them with pleasure and they gave me much of the same. So, no bad blood there.


Money and Pussy

There is a correlation between money and pussy in our world. More the money, more the honey. I should know that better than most people as I have been a victim of this great phenomena myself. I was a victim of Simran Soodh and Vijay Palande. Vijay used Simran as a honey trap to seduce me and then hatched a devious plan to take possession of my flat. I luckily lived to tell the tale but lost my father instead. It still hurts and the pain will remain with me till my dying days. I can truly say that I am one of the few men in the world who was raped, brutalised and gang banged by women. In this case, Simran Soodh who took away my dada, my reputation and a lot more. She really fucked me up.

I have also been in the company of such morally upright women who turned to me and said “Salle nayi gaadi kharidh kar dila tab tera muuuh mein lungi nahi tho apney dost ka number de uske saath sone lagun gi”. Now these women live amongst us and are part of our system “Yeh hamari ma, behiney hei” or should I say “Yeh hamari ma, behin ek karti hein”.


Women are about sex and men are about power. This is a natural phenomenon and the conflict between the two leads to rape. When the women perceive that she is being dominated by the man, she cries foul and feels like a victim. When the man feels that the women are only with her for material gain, he blames her as a gold digger. Both are real phenomena and both are true.

So, as there is pressure on boys and men alike to change their mindset, in my humble opinion, ask women to change theirs too and not to see their husbands and boyfriends as just piggy banks and ATM Cards.


My ex-wife was kind enough not to rape me in return as she just divorced me and ran away with a wealthier man. I was saved from giving her alimony and she was kind enough to give me a quick divorce only because she was in a hurry to marry her lover just in case he started getting second thoughts. So here, I can proudly say that as a man, I was raped again by a woman.

One took away my marriage and the other took away my father. I have been raped repeatedly by women. Whether by Simran Sood or Nidhi Khar, I have been raped. Men like me will keep getting raped by women unless they change their attitudes and mindsets towards us and that is a fact. See us men as protectors, don’t use us as cheque books and debit cards. See us as friends, guides, philosophers, lovers, brothers and husbands and we will give all our strength to you. We will put our power and swords at your feet. We will defend you to our last breath. Please don’t see us as currency notes. Please ladies, it’s time to change your mindsets.

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