How to Experience the Eternal

Man over the ages has seen that the pleasures of the material world are so transitory. He chases them and for some time, he enjoys the chase whether it is for money, power, women or prestige. He, for some time, enjoys the chase. After all, trying to acquire something that you never had or experienced can be fun. However, after having acquired what he desires, the joy of acquisition subsides. Why shouldn’t it? After all, once you have tasted the fruit, it loses its charms. Then, a new set of desires begin to unfold within him and he runs after these new desires. Yet again after having tasted the fruits of his chase, he is left empty again from within. This cycle keeps going on one after the other until the realisation dawns that all his life he has been chasing shadows and mirages. The truth is that everything in the outer world or the material world is transitory. You cannot hold on to anything in this world. Your fame, your power and your things will bring you no joy. The cycle keeps repeating itself till one moves slowly towards his grave, all empty and worn out, knowing then that all the games he had played left him with a hole in the heart and a feeling of sheer emptiness. So if these things are transitory, what is eternal in this world? What will never die, never perish and will be a source of constant joy? Having chased the pleasures of the flesh and found them to be so shallow and fickle, what is the thing that he can chase that will be a source of everlasting joy and happiness? The realisation of this true nature of life leads to the search for the eternal, for that source that is infinite and abundant and a source of everlasting joy.

The yogis, the gurus and the monks tell us that only the taste of eternal bliss and the realisation of the infinite can give us everlasting bliss and satisfaction as all material victories, gains and wins, in whatever form, are temporary and fleeting. So how do we get the taste of that inner everlasting source of creation and energy that is within all of us? The ultimate source of creation where all began and all will end. Meditation, they say, is the window to that source. First, you concentrate on your thoughts and slowly, by deep breathing and regulated flow of oxygen, we drop the body. After that, the thoughts begin to disappear and we slowly drop the mind. This is the state that the yogis call shunyata or the state of ‘no mind’ and nothingness. All that is left is the glimpse of the eternal, the witness and the seer within. When you see that state, then all problems, all chatter of the mind subsides. That is the taste the yogis call the taste of the eternal. This is a blissful state that is all joy and no pain. This is everlasting. The more you reach it, the more you want and only this is everlasting.

So go in and get your bliss!

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