How to Build Characters In Your Blog Stories

As discussed earlier, stories are the best way to entertain, catch attention, give out information and build a closer relationship with your clients. The best way to get stories are from your own life.

Building Character Traits

One comes across many kinds of people in life. Some of them catch your attention because they might have a quirky walk, odd mannerism or hairstyle. Maybe they just see life differently than you do. They might have very odd characteristics. They might use an odd word or phrase regularly when they talk. Maybe they have very different hand gestures or an odd habit like picking their nose or itching their crotch all the time. They might sit a bit differently or use strange dialect when they talk. One has to observe the mannerisms of your characters closely. Does he chew pan or just smoke a particular brand of cigarettes? What is the style of his dressing? How is he/she built? Thin or fat? What are the distinctive facial features of your character? He may twitch his eyes or smile in a weird way. All these will go a long way in etching your character.


Your character might have a back story. He might have been wounded in an accident, been molested as a child or fell in a tub of oil which disfigured him for life like the Joker in Batman. He might have lost his father when he was young. All these explain the motivations of your characters and why he/she does certain things. What are their insecurities and behavioural patterns?


You then have to put these characters together in various situations so that they can interplay with each other to cause a conflict, a tussle. Battles are always good as they form interesting stories. Good winning over evil, a struggle between two main characters and a tussle for power, business and supremacy form interning conflicts. It can be a tussle over the love of a particular woman or just a battle between two faiths and power centres. Conflict creates drama which engages your audience and leaves them mesmerised.


Through conflict, we create drama, situations that create a tussle. The audience loves this as it adds spice to the story and, at the same time, the audience has to choose a side and root for the protagonist or the antagonist. They get more involved as the plot moves on. The drama also gives the feeling of a rush and creates tension in the mind of the audience. That is where, as a writer, you have to hit at the mind of your reader.


Now you can either begin your story and then develop it as you go on or you can do a back pyramid and give important details at the beginning itself and then go on to build the plot. Your post can also move forward and backwards in time but your characters have to remain true to your plot. You can also kill your characters if they are not endearing themselves to the readers. It all depends on the response you get from them.

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