How to Build and Nurture Your Dream

Dreams, ahh! That amazing quality of the human mind, to be able to deal and then the ability through consciousness, intent, awareness, visualisation and action manifest that dream. Let us take one stage at a time as we move to build our own individual dreams.

Define Your Dream

First, understand and define your dream, write it down as a mission statement. Verbalise it into a chant and repeat it each day, morning and evening. You could want to be an athlete, a ballet dancer or a scuba diver or just want to be the CEO of a company. Whatever your dream is, write and chant it out. This is a great reinforcement and the first step to building your unique dream.

Bring in Awareness: You need to garland your dream with ideas, chalk out a course of action, visualise your dream every day when you are alone or meditating. The awareness and your visualisation fuels your dream and realigns your internal dialogue as if to add fuel to your ever burning passion for achieving that dream.

Intent: Draw a roadmap towards your dream, add goals, define timelines and call to action. Measure your options, resources and contacts. Are you playing to your strength? is this the direction to both outer and inner fulfilment to your life? Is this going to add value in terms of money, prestige, knowledge, gain or otherwise?

Action: This is the difficult bit. Now take charge of your dream and act on your timetable, make your contacts and your pitch. Simply go out there and do it. Play the game with full confidence, you have after all nurtured your dream. Share it with well-wishers, coaches or family alike to get feedback. Don’t be disheartened by negative feedback, remember, only you know your dream truly and only you know how to manifest it. Not everyone can relate to your dream or is interested in it. It is your mission, not the worlds.

Move Forward: Move ahead with your action plan. The idea is to keep marching ahead making mistakes and then learning from them doing major course corrections as you go along the way. Your dream from being just an idea of a blip which will begin to grow and beaches will appear. You will find solutions and improve your problem resolution skills along the way. I might be about building a new company or developing a film idea. Whatever it is, move forward with it in spite of the hurdles.

Company: Seek a like-minded company that can encourage or facilitate your dream, people willing to go with you on your journey, because they also want to seek out their own truths. You become a facilitator and vice versa.

If It Feels Good It Is Good: Listen to your heart, feel the vibe, the air and the vibrations, if it feels good, it is good and you know you are in the right directions to build your dream and make it grow each day. That is enough, with positivity, that is enough.

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