How Social Media and Internet Helped Me Fight Back

Social media, internet, applications and technology per say has made a dramatic impact in the last four to five years of my life. After the tragic demise of my father, I was left alone to pick up the pieces. Now, there was no one to guide me and to handle all that he had left to me. It was now my job to take his legacy forward and increase the wealth that he had bequeathed to me.

Here is where technology helped me and I found it to be a very powerful ally in my fight back to normal life and taking charge of my environment and my destiny. I managed all my financials through internet banking and mobile alerts. I can even buy and sell funds at the click of a button and transfer funds or pay my utility bills through the internet. I use the Airtel application to pay my wi-fi and mobile phone bills. When I go out for long travels, I know my house is safe with an integrated alarm system and video camera that give me live feed on my mobile phone. I am always keeping an eye at my house. My insurance policy and life insurance premiums are all paid online with active alerts. They are a steal to manage. I make my post bill payment through card and Paytm at times. I don’t use a car. Who needs the hassle of a driver and a car to maintain especially when I am travelling throughout the year.

My security payment draft goes through net banking. Social media is also helping me do my catharses after my father’s blog and has been the corner stone of my blogs newly found success. I am integrated into most social media apps and used skype extensively last year. Whatsapp is another application that I use frequently. With My 13 inch MacBook Air and iPhone 7, I am equipped at all times to meet my travel blogging challenges. Not to mention, my Canon Mark 5 camera with 100 mm to 200 mm zoom lens and also the bazooka 200mm to 400mm. It has a built-in wi-fi for photo sharing and transfer technology that plays a huge role in connecting us together.

In both ways, by giving me efficiencies and simplifying tasks, it has given power back to me so that I can take charge of day to day tasks. On the emotional front, it has helped me through a tragic phase of life and the loss of my father through my catharsis. It has helped me get a new focus and vision in life and that has led to my recovery and keeps me motivated in life to strive and make an effort. It has been my healer and I am hooked on to it.

  1. damini uniyal says:

    I wish to listen to your Kailash Monsarovar experience ! Lucky you !

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