Health and Wellness by Mandakini Kwatra

They say health is wealth. And this is absolutely true at all times for each and every one. No one has achieved success in life with an unhealthy body and mind. Being healthy doesn’t mean one will never get ill. In fact, there wouldn’t be any significance of a healthy body if one never gets ill. Health is a state of the body and how fit you are to fight any illness is what determines it. Your immunity defines your health. Of course, there is also this fact that a healthy body is less prone to illnesses.

Our body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. And let’s be honest with ourselves, we have abused this a lot. Despite the fact that we do not take care of our body, it has been a lot more loyal to us than we deserve. Think about what you eat, the amount of sugar, processed food etc. that goes into your body every day, and what good they do to you. Wisdom lies in moderation but we do get carried away with our taste buds most of the times. We often choose unhealthy diet over healthy and organic foods like salads, fruits, green vegetables. The major reason is that we aim to please our taste buds than pleasing other vital organs.

Consciously, we are all aware that we need to feed our body and soul appropriately, and we do gather knowledge too, from books and Internet, but the action is missing. Which is why there are so many people suffering from obesity, hypertension, indigestion, acidity and other common ailments.

It is high time that we stop taking our body for granted and treat it the way that it should be – with love and care. For it is no one else, but us who are going to suffer the consequences. So, time to wipe off the dust that has gathered on your bookshelf, and get hold of your book on health / wellness / diet / exercise. Renew your new year resolutions and start over again. It’s never too late. Our body and soul deserve a king – like treatment, for even if one organ goes missing in action, our life may come to a standstill. Take care and stay tuned for more on fitness, diets, yoga etc.

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