Get With Technology, Get Smart

It is true that the internet and telecommunication revolution took our world to another level of connectivity. The internet started it all and then devices started being invented that used the potential of the internet to plug into it. Things have really accelerated with Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Now with the advent of social media, everyone wants to connect at all times, whether it is a tablet, mobile phone, PC, laptop or a smart wearable. With 4G and free access to public wifi, these devices could talk to each other, transact and even do business with each other. 4G is fast and OTT platforms came up that could stream video directly to the end user device without a dish or cable. So what does being smart, learning to use technology and its nuances do for me? Well, a lot. I have understood as I have been running a travel blog of my own called Tikku’s Travelthon for the past three years. This is my business on the internet.


I think being connected to smart devices that are always wired in and can talk to each other responding to commands remotely even from distant locations does wonders for your work efficiency. Let us say you leave office at 6 pm, you have a night flight to catch that takes you on a business trip. You can use your phone to auto start your car, you can do web check-in and meal selection for your flight, pay your credit card bills and if you were stuck in traffic, you could do a mutual fund transaction. All this time, you can also chat with your secretary and give her instructions for the board meeting next week. What is more? Just with a press of a button, you could turn the bath heater in your bathroom so that you do not have to wait for a quick bath and charge before you catch the night flight. The smart lights come on as you step on the porch and the garage door opens with a click of a button as you park your car.


You can streamline tasks, schedule meetings and alarms, make presentations, collaborate on work and do voice call meetings from different locations. Yes! That is what I call being smart and if you have the stamina, how about an early morning run on the beach being timed on your smartwatch which tells you how many calories you burned and how much you should eat today. As you are finished with the run, a self-timer toaster and microwave heat up your breakfast. This is what being smart is all about.

Save Time, Enjoy More

By being connected and having access to smart devices around us, one can save a lot of time and that time can be used to do things you enjoy like reading, playing the piano or just walking your dog. Using applications can really ease your work at the office and your documentation will always be in a digital format with backups so you will not be able to lose it.


Is it just a culture for the rich and the famous? Smart homes have now reached the masses through Flipkart Smart Home Revolution. Celebs like Shilpa Shetty, Harbhajan Singh and the Ambanis all have smartphones. Some also have smart cars. First, the rich and famous indulged in this expensive indulgence, but with a lot of bandwidth around, the end consumer can also benefit from smart devices. People will find that homes, where all the smart devices like smart lights, smart fans and smart ovens are installed, are very efficient.

Indeed, the smart device culture will change us as people and will make our life easier and smoother. I am all for going smart.

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