FIFA Social Media Update: Neymar and McDonald's

Neymar’s Papa Ketten Hei!

The proud father of the most expensive player in the world and Brazil’s footballing jewel Neymar got a lot of support from his dad who intervened and asked everyone on social media to back off and not to speed hate and abuse towards the footballer’s critics. He said that is not what Brazilian football fans are all about and everyone should stop using abusive and hateful language on social media.

McDonald’s ‘We Are With You’ Ad Campaign

McDonald’s the middle tier brand advertiser of the FIFA world cup and has released its FIFA world cup ad campaign. It is a montage film with scenes of people enjoying the world cup, laughing, dancing, clapping and praying, all with McDonald’s delivery products like coke and burger boxes with the famous McDonald’s arches. This conveys that you can enjoy the football as we deliver food at your doorstep. Thus, we are with you during the FIFA Cup.

The campaign has not taken off with only 9.5K views right now which is very low for such a brand.

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