FIFA Highlight Videos: Who Will Police Them for Copyright?

Now that the world cup is in full swing, the biggest challenge for the social media platforms will be to make sure that copyright infringements do not take place at the FIFA world cup. At least, they have to make sure that they are minimised. It will be a hard task as fans have already started posting videos of goals and highlights of matches on Twitter and YouTube. Even Facebook is streaming videos that are without proper copyrights. Many digital platforms have bought rights to video highlights, live streaming of world cup matches and they are bound to lose if this keeps going. YouTube has a tool called Content ID that scans for videos that do not have copyrights and removes them. ESPN had a major problem and complained about this to many platforms when fans flooded social media sites during FIFA 2014.

Now Facebook, for one, is geared and is using a tool called Rights Manager that scans for copyright infringement videos and other content. It is using this to battle the copyright problem. Fox News has paid 400 million dollars for world cup highlights and game rights and they are concerned about the issue especially when sites like Twitter have not come up with an internal tool of their own to deal with this issue.

Overall, some progress has been made and I am sure more platforms will discover even more clever ways to deal with this issue.

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