Facebook Advertising: The Key is Micro Targeting

I have started another shot of Facebook advertising with a Budget of $1000. I was determined to boost my followership and likes on my Facebook page which were growing at a snail’s pace in the past few months. I also wanted to promote the new look and format of my travel blog to others through Facebook advertising tool. I am familiar with the functions of this tool as I had used it before. I also got advice from Facebook representatives on how to effectively promote and advertise on Facebook.

The key to its success lies in micro targeting your audience because that is the key. The key is to focus on the group of people that are the most relevant to me and the travel blog. Using demographic and psychographic parameters and indices, one had to carefully craft a picture of one’s followers and get a feel of their habits, age, nature and interests. If you can get that right, it is easier than to selectively communicate with them and tweak promotional offers that target them specifically.

Here, one needs to pay absolute attention while forming a target group. There are filters like male, female, age group, location, city, interests and hobbies, income group, ownership of consumer durables, job profile and the list just goes on. It can all get very confusing at times but if you take your time and apply all your parameters, it’s half the battle won in the first place. One can experiment by changing the post that one is boosting, changing headlines or content of the post. One can tweak one parameter or the other to assess the effectiveness of the posts. Many different permutation and combinations can be used to get maximum website clicks and post shares.

Remember, like every advertising campaign, yours also must have a clear objective, message, content and a reasonable goal. Get that right and put most of your research time on getting that done through and through.

One can change the timing of the boost and its nature to get different results. At an average expense of $100, one can expect around 1250 clicks. If you get more than this figure, you have done well. There is a metre on the advertising page that tells you how selective and focused your audience definition has been. This will give you a fair idea of how successful your campaign will be. So go out there and burn a few dollars for a little bit of love, likes and shares. Experiment with your gut and get your content out there to be viewed by millions. With over 2 billion members, Facebook is the most effective advertising tool on social media and it just cannot be ignored. Facebook also helps you design your own ads and campaigns. You can add video, images and sounds to produce your own snazzy ads and messages. Get in depth into what your product proposition is and make sure you highlight it enough. I promise you that Facebook will give you results but you will have to experiment at first for a while before you start getting better at it.

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