Email Broadcast List: A Must for E-Marketing

I have got so involved with the sales and marketing of my first book SURVIVAL that is being launched and published in India by the world famous Penguin Partridge India Publishing. This is the internet arm of Penguin and deals exclusively at the self-publishing space of printing and launching a book.

I needed my first contact list, a list of 250 odd people who I can send the cover design and other promotional material to. I started sending mails from my various ids and social media contact points. It was all a mess and very haphazard way of doing things as I was mixing my ids and confusing my groups. Then it struck me to have all my email ids in one final broadcast list, Tikku’s Travelthon Broadcast. This way, I can shoot out information and promotional offers on my book to the 250 people I know closely and have done business with in the past. I know that they are my first inner circle and will be the most motivated to buy. All I have to do is to communicate with them, send them information, keep them engaged with my book by sending launch videos, posters, free ebooks etc. so that they become potential buyers and then influence others like retailers to buy the book. With a 15% retailer commission, there is money to be made by everyone who is part of the sales chain and The Tikku’s Travelthon special buyback offer guarantees that the retailer does not lose money even if he is unable to sell the books.

An email broadcast list comes handy in executing these email promotional campaigns. It is the best way to give information to people you know and who support you.

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